APEX Program

APEX Mission: Provide a strength training and performance enhancement program for student athletes in grades 7-12 that is gender and sport specific. The APEX program will develop student athletes of every skill and ability level from physical education class to the college recruit.

  • An all-inclusive strength training, injury prevention and performance enhancement program.
  • APEX program starts at the base emphasizing correct mechanical movement in every lift and drill.
  • Then activating and strengthening weak areas of the body and increasing the mobility of the restricted movements.

Proper mechanics is the foundation upon which we build endurance, strength, speed and power. APEX differs from all other programs because it changes the workout parameters, load placement, and the direction of those movements to parallel the demands of each individual sport. The APEX program not only prepares the student athlete’s body for the season but also instills mental toughness, confidence, perseverance and comradery. The body and the mind must work together for an athlete to achieve the apex of their potential.


  • Evaluate the functional movements and nutritional demands of every individual
  • Educate the student athlete, parent, and coaches on an appropriate intervention lifting progression
  • Activate a plan to improve their mechanics while increasing strength, speed, power, and agility
  • Motivate every student athlete to give their best every workout, every practice, every game, every day