Wildcats News · Wildcat Track & Field Information & “Blizzard Bag” Workout Menus

Good Afternoon Wildcats,

I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe.  These are 
difficult and stressful times for all of us, and it is in times like these our 
program priorities are needed more than ever: Faith, Family, Academics, Athletics, 
then everything else.  As we are getting set to begin shifting our learning 
environment from the classroom to home, please make sure you are still taking care 
of your academic responsibilities, budgeting time every day to get your work done, 
and communicating with your teachers.  Your teachers are here to help you academically 
and personally, as all are of your track & field coaches!  Please do not hesitate 
to reach out to any of us if you need ANYTHING!  

We have put together a "menu" of workout options for you.  We are very blessed to 
have a wide variety of parks and public spaces here in Westerville to get outside 
and keep working towards our goals!  Remember, control what you can control!  If 
it matters to you, you will work for it, even if the only person holding you 
accountable is yourself!  PLEASE do not try to get onto the track, on the field, or 
use any school facilities at all!  We are also not allowed to hold "captain's practices" 
or anything that is formally organized.  PLEASE make sure you are abiding by the guidelines 
for gatherings from our government: no more than 10 people!  
Without further ado, here is the document.

Blizzard Bag Workout Menu

Please take care of each other, check in on each other, and be safe!  Please reach out 
if you need ANYTHING!

We miss and love all of you!!

Go Cats!
Jimmy & the Wildcat Track & Field Staff