Wildcats News · Wildcat Track and Field: Run-a-Thon Fundraiser

The Westerville South Track & Field teams are in the midst of our annual fundraising effort!  This year our captains and coaches have put together a run-a-thon!

Please contact Jimmy Gaul at gaulj2@westerville.k12.oh.us if you would like to make a donation to Wildcat Track & Field!

2019 Run-a-Thon

Here are the details:

Dear Sponsor,

The Westerville South Track & Field Program’s annual fundraiser will be done in the form of a Run-a-Thon in lieu of selling cookie dough or anything else.  We will begin our fundraising effort on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, and finish on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. All of the funds raised go directly back to our athletes for equipment, indoor meet entry fees, a team pizza party, and uniforms.

The Run-a-Thon itself will take place March 13, 2019 at Westerville South as part of our regularly scheduled and planned practice. Our  athletes will be in teams of six, and as a team they will combine to run the equivalent distance to a marathon, 26.2 miles. During the course of their workout that day, each team member will run 4.5 miles, which will total a full 26.2 miles (actually, 27!) for their group.

The fundraiser will be conducted in three parts:

  • March 6 – March 12 Go out and find sponsors
  • March 13th Run-a-Thon at practice
  • March 14 – March 19 Collect pledges
  • March 20th Turn in collected pledges  

If you are interested you may pledge by the lap (4.5 miles = 18 laps),  or you may pledge a flat amount. Our goal for each athlete to collect $50.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity & support of Wildcat Track & Field!


Warm regards,

The Athletes & Coaches of Westerville South Track & Field