Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Westerville South High School Girls Varsity Soccer ties Olentangy Liberty High School 2-2

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

7:15 PM

Olentangy Liberty High School

Westerville South High School

Game Recap

It was one of those nights… one where you cannot find a specific individual or a few individuals that made the difference. Sure you could call out Deja Edwards for her two goals on the night, or Megan Bame, Sam Varney, Delanie Daugherty and Christina Himes for their outstanding defense. Or you could talk about Grace Livingston, Claire Guinan, Allison RIcker, Anisa Thaci, Mae Riggs, Payton Glassco, Kayla Kozik and Emma Secrest for their solid performance in the mid-field. You could even point out that Goalkeeper Jenna Villacres had another outstanding performance in goal.

You could do that.

However, last night was a TEAM effort where everyone contributed their part and created a result that was beyond their individual contributions. This is where one plus one does not equal two, but something much greater.

Although it was one of those dreaded soccer ties… this tie felt more like a win. Last year it was a 12-2 loss for the Wildcats. This year it was a 2-2 tie with an area top 10 team.

There will be those that say that Liberty is not what they used to be last year. There may be a bit of truth in that. However, what I say is Westerville South is also not what they used to be either. They have become something greater and are continuing to move in a very positive direction.

Go Wildcats!

Box Scores

Olentangy Liberty


Westerville South